Monday, November 30, 2015

Troubling Times for Miracle Strip @ Pier Park

It seems the little park that could might have run out of steam.  Miracle Strip at Pier Park recently ended their 2015 season early, and announced they were in the process of transitioning to new owners.  Now, the park's operators have had legal action taken against them for unpaid rent according to this story, starting an eviction process.

Aerial view of the park © Bing Maps
The amusement park, which is a modern version of the famous Florida amusement park of the same name, had seen tremendous growth in recent years.  This included a move from a small location inside the Pier Park shopping center two years ago, expanding greatly onto 14 acres land adjacent to the mall.  (photo above)

Recently it appeared as though the current owners were planning to sell to a developer who wanted to install a large observation wheel, even going as far as receiving a height waiver for the ride.  But since that news broke things have become very quiet with the park's Facebook deactivated and the main website not even updated to reflect the park's closure.

The park planned to rebuild a new version of the Starliner wooden roller coaster within a few years as part of its move, to be located on the strip of land on the upper left of the park in the aerial above.