Sunday, November 15, 2015

Massive New Great Coasters Ride - Viper - Now Testing

© Great Coasters International
It has been a while since I checked in on the massive Viper wooden roller coaster that is being built at Wanda City Theme Park in China - and it turns out the ride is now complete and just started testing!

These photos are from Great Coasters International, who designed and built the new coaster, though they were from a couple months ago before the ride was completed.  The Viper will reside on top of a small mountain on the park's property, and take great advantage of the height differences during the layout.  Speaking of, the 5,111 foot long ride will be the longest that Great Coasters has ever done, and the 8th longest wooden coaster in the world!

© Great Coasters International
Viper stands 160 feet tall, with the lift taking riders to the highest part of the landscape that the ride covers.  The first drop will be a large 143 foot S-curve shape, and send the trains at just over 62 miles per hour.  The photo above is of the giant fan turn, some 90 feet above the ground, which is the ride's second tallest hill.

With such a long ride designed for the park, there are plenty of surprises along the way.  This includes a long finale run back toward the station on an isolated, tree lined part of the park - filled with quick directional and elevation changes.  Viper will utilize two Millennium Flyer trains.

It has been a while since the ride was announced, and more on it (now that it is testing) including a POV video will be released at this week's IAAPA convention.  For now, here is the promotional video that was released with the announcement: