Thursday, November 26, 2015

Scott & Carol Present: A Brand New Kentucky Kingdom Storm Chaser Photo Update

Happy Thanksgiving to all our readers! We wish you a wonderful day of enjoying time with your family and loved ones, and hope you have much to be thankful for.

On the way back from the IAAPA Expo a pit stop at Kentucky Kingdom was in order, as the park has been placing new track for Storm Chaser at a rapid pace.  This new sign hangs on the fence outside the park, advertising this amazing-looking new Rocky Mountain conversion coaster.

Kentucky Kingdom has utilized much of the structure from one half of Twisted Twins for Storm Chaser.  This photo shows the new bents that have been applied on top of the existing structure to fit the new ride's layout.  Before long this section will have the brightly colored running rails applied.

Here is a close up photo of those track pieces laying on the ground, waiting to be lifted into place.  You can see a stripe on the track where the wheels will make contact.

Storm Chaser begins with a 100 foot lift, seen here towering over the park.  After a quick 180 degree turn the ride fully inverts in a "Barrel Roll Dropdown," to use Kentucky Kingdom's term for the element.

Up close, the inversion that takes place after the lift looks impressive as ever!

Kentucky Kingdom also recently completed a full repainting of Storm Chaser's station - this bright color should help guests find the ride with ease!

After the trains race down the first drop the next element they encounter is this air-time hill, which looks like it will certainly have riders feeling weightless as they go over it.

Up next is the second of Storm Chaser's inversions, a 140 Degree Stall.  The train enters the turn and quickly banks to 140 degrees as it changes direction.

Here is the 140 Degree Stall from the exit side of the element.  It is going to be very exciting to see trains roaring through here!

Next up is an Off Axis Air-time Hill, you can see the track banking the opposite direction of the upcoming turn.  It will quickly twist back to the left for a diving turn.

While much progress has already been made on Storm Chaser, Kentucky Kingdom already has modified much of the rest of the ride's supports in anticipation of track.  In between the placed track in this photo you can see those supports waiting their turn.

Finally we will end with this look at the complete first third or so of Storm Chaser.  We can't wait to ride this one in 2016!