Thursday, November 5, 2015

Alabama Splash Adventure Announces New Additions for 2016 Season

After a successful 2015, Alabama Splash Adventure has announced a set of additions to the property that will cater to the whole family, and feature not only new rides but also additional in-park amenities.

© Alabama Splash Adventure
A major one of these amenities is the addition of a large new Pepsi Oasis building that will be built adjacent to the Surfside Grill in the water park.  The structure will have eight different drink stations, where guests may keep refreshed with free beverages.

More drink windows will also be added to the Rampage Oasis building, and misters will pop up throughout the entire park to keep everyone nice and cool.

© Alabama Splash Adventure
Alabama Splash Adventure has plenty of vacant ride pads from attractions that were removed between owners, and two of those will be filled once again next Summer.  Above is the Drop Zone, a family free fall tower provided by Zamperla.  While not confirmed by the park, it appears as though it is one of the manufacturer's 30 foot tall Mega Jumpin' Star rides.

© Alabama Splash Adventure
Elsewhere in the ride part of the park, a new Tea Cup spinning flat ride will debut.  The popular attraction allows kids to ride with their parents, and spin themselves silly throughout the ride.

Alabama Splash Adventure will also reopen one of their buildings as The General's Diner, a play on the nickname of Pat Koch.  The restaurant will feature air conditioned dining and a selection of food offerings that the whole family can fill up on.

It is wonderful to see this family park expanding again next year, and as we previously heard it sounds like this is just the first of many years of planned growth.