Thursday, November 19, 2015

Scott And Carol Present - Legoland California Premiere's Triotech Ride With New Technology

Legoland California has called upon Triotech to create a new type of interactive dark ride where riders don't shoot guns, but instead undergo Ninja training where their hands become "powerful weapons able to shoot fireballs and lightning.


The Triotech Maestro system allows the use of either one or both hands, and since it is software base, any type of interactivity can be programmed. Snowball fights during winter, Easter egg battles in the spring, and water geysers for the hot summer months are just a few of the possibilities. The Merlin Magic team is bringing this ride to Legolands in California, Billund, and Malaysia later in the year.

Here is one of the young Ninja who is led by Master Wu. He weighs about 800 pounds and took a master modeler only three weeks to create. He has become a popular photo spot during the show.

Here are some scenes from Ninjago-The Ride.

Here you can see one team helping the young Ninja while another group awaits their turn.

Once the guests complete their training/practice, there performance is scored and tracked through the different colors so they can see where the projectiles are going and adjust their aim accordingly.

Here you can see the riders wearing 3-D glasses, holding their hands above the sensor. The distance above the sensor controls how high and the direction "projectile" travels. The fact that it is software based without a fixed pointing device allows for easy adaptation for different themed experiences.

Our thanks to Legoland for the use of the ride photos