Thursday, November 19, 2015

Scott And Carol Present - A Look At Busch Gardens Tampa's Cobra's Curse

Busch Gardens Tampa will offer a new species of snake to guests in 2016, with special DNA provided by Mack Rides, celebrating 130 years in the amusement business.

Here is how it looked on Friday, 11/13/2015. Those aren't snake eggs, they are footers

At the Mack booth at IAAPA, with an impossible to deal with crowd, they finally unveiled the model of what the completed new attraction will look like.

Brian Morrow and the design team have created a great looking attraction, featuring the vertical lift, and the reverse banked turn that lets guests get "up close and personal" with the snake king Venymyss, who probably has an attitude about tourists defiling his temple.

Train riders get a great view of the construction progress, and when finished, they will have a close call with the spinning cars.

Spring comes a little earlier in Florida so hopefully Venymyss will come out of hibernation and we can all experience Cobra's Curse.