Sunday, November 29, 2015

Take a Ride on Great Coasters' Largest Ride Yet

A couple weeks ago we looked at the construction of The Viper at Wanda City Theme Park, a brand new custom designed wooden roller coaster by Great Coasters International.  At that point the ride had started testing but the point of view video of the ride had not been released - well now it has!  Check it out:

With a ride time of around a minute and twenty seconds from the top of the lift to the final brakes, Viper is one of the longest wooden coasters around.  The track stretches 5,111 feet long and the coaster uses a 143 foot first drop to give trains the momentum to finish the course.

And they do that with ease, judging from the speed that can be felt from the video during the finale to the ride.  Granted the forested setting shown in early animations seems like it still needs to be planted to really give that stretch the proper effect, but even without it it looks really good.  The quick directional and elevation changes make what could have been a boring run home into an exciting way to end this coaster.


Unknown said...

One of the longest, at only a minute and 20 seconds?