Thursday, November 19, 2015

Scott And Carol Present - Great Things from PTC

As the makers of the most popular style of train for wooden roller coasters worldwide, Philadelphia Toboggan Company has stepped up and created a new system to make it easier for people with physical challenges to ride wooden roller coasters, at least ones with PTC trains.

The access device is shown in position next to the train in the station. The platform rotates down and rests on top of teh seat divider. Although it is presently designed only for PTC trains, with some modification it can also be used for other rides. It is stored in the station for use when required.

Here's a short video showing how the device is used.

Drew, and anyone else utilizing the five-point harness is securely held in riding position, and this unique device allows for missing limbs to not be a disqualifying issue for riders.

Here you can see where the locking carabiners hook to the train, and they are easily adjusted for a snug fit. Only one seat needs to be modified per train.This will be our nomination for the Industry Impact Award, because this is an issue facing park operators everywhere. Big kudos for everyone on the PTC team. Their efforts will make lots challenged coaster lovers very happy.