Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Scott & Carol Present - Zamperla Begins Celebrating 50 Years Of Creating And Building Quality Rides

The Zamperla Company is beginning their celebration of 50 years of making children and their parents smile. Long a supplier of rides for children, they now have a roller coaster division, and many of their rides have advanced in both thrills and safety.

Many members of the "Team Zamperla" spoke about their individual areas of expertise at the press conference in the Zamperla booth.

Zip Zap Racers is designed for those too small to drive regular vehicles, but now they can control their own steering within the safety limits of the ride platform

Zamperla has the ability to them their rides to customer specifications, allowing for easy integration into existing themed areas.

Guests can control their altitude on the Windstarz, up to 20 feet high, and ride air currents just like a real pilot in a hang glider.

Congratulations to Zamperla, and we look forward to many news rides in upcoming years.