Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Scott & Carol Present - A Look At Extreme Engineering's Cloud Coaster

Let us introduce you to the ONLY tandem ride zipline roller coaster on the market, The Cloud Coaster – A Rapid Gravity Ride. Bring your BFF, your partner in crime, and your most loyal and brave comrade on this speed controlled steel track of adventures and thrills. Experience fast, controlled and safe speeds that give you the triple sensation of flying, zip-lining and rocketing down a roller coaster with smooth turns, uphill racing and zipping around structures. The Cloud Coaster is the future in family friendly attractions.

Jeff Wilson, CEO of Extreme Engineering, explains how the fist Zip Line Tandem Coaster works

Above is the coaster "train" system which utilizes magnetic braking and on this installation on the IAAPA show floor a 12 volt motor system. For more cool details go to the Cloud Coaster page on Extreme Engineering website