Sunday, November 22, 2015

Vision for Atlantic City Polercoaster Revealed

© Wallack Holdings
According to this news story, Joshua Wallack of Wallack Holdings has released the above and below renderings of his vision of a tower ride complex to be built along the Atlantic City, New Jersey shore.

The developers have leased a one acre plot of the former Sands Atlantic City casino site, part of a larger 18 acre undeveloped are that the resort covered.

The tower, if built, would stand 350 feet tall and contain both a roller coaster with vertical lift hill, and also a free fall drop tower.  The design above shows similarities to the one being built in Orlando, though that project is about 300 some feet bigger.

© Wallack Holdings
Atlantic City is really pushing non-gaming activities to draw folks back to the area, and giving some hefty incentives to developers to do so.  Hopefully that means that the Atlantic City Polercoaster has a real chance at happening.

Wallack Holdings says that the full plans are still being drawn up, but the development will also include a mojito bar and nightlife attractions.