Sunday, February 1, 2015

Universal Studios Hollywood Shows Off Fast & Furious in New TV Spot

Happy "Big Game" day to you all!  I've used that moniker in fear of committing any trademark violations!

Anyway, I'm not a big sports fan so I'm part of the set of folks who love the commercials more than anything else - and this year Universal Studios Hollywood is showing off their latest creation during the game.

© Universal Studios Hollywood
Fast & Furious Supercharged will be a spectacular new ending to the park's famous Studio Tour, with the attraction taking place as guests are seated on the tram.  King Kong once ended the tour until he burned down, and now this much more modern franchise will leave visitors' hearts pounding.

Watch the video up top, which clearly calls it a new "ride" - and then ponder with me if the park's isn't over hyping a new tram tour ending a bit much.  Don't get me wrong, I have no doubt that the new ending will be full of modern film technology, multi-media special effects, and overall great times.  It's just that... well do the tram cars even have handle bars like the people in the video are using?  I think you get my drift.

If you want to see more of Fast & Furious Supercharged, check out this recent update from Inside Universal.  There's photos of the nearly completed building(s), along with other looks at both Simpsons and Potter work.