Saturday, February 21, 2015

Full Layout + Details of Efteling's Baron 1898 Revealed

Click for much larger image
Efteling has given the final reveal of Baron 1898's full layout, seen above.  The B&M Dive Coaster will have a short layout as expected, but with plenty packed into the track.

After the ride's holding brake and steep first drop into a mine shaft, the trains will soar up into an Immelmann inversion, changing their direction 180 degrees.  Next comes a second inversion, a large Zero-G Roll taken with the park's pathways below it.  Finally, riders will encounter a fast upward helix before a rise and turn into the brake run.

Some additional facts on the ride were also released, and we all love statistics, right?  Baron 1898's lift will rise almost 30 meters, or just under 100 feet into the air.  After a holding brake at the top, the first drop will send the 18 passenger (3 rows of 6) cars down 37.5 meters, or 123 feet.  The maximum speed will be 56 miles per hour and the full track length is 501 meters or 1,643 feet - a 130 second ride in all.

This layout images are from Efteling's latest construction video, which shows off a ton of goodies.  This include a POV view of the ride, other renderings, very recent construction footage and plenty more.  Check that out on the park's Baron 1898 website.  You can also see recent photos of the ride's press event (held at the bottom of the first drop tunnel!) and ride model here.