Saturday, January 31, 2015

Fury 325 Completed at Carowinds + New Culinary Event

© Mike Fehnel
January 30th, 2015 was an extra exciting day for Carowinds, as that is when the park completed their mighty new roller coaster, Fury 325.  Above is the park's General Manager, Mike Fehnel, signing the last piece of track while it was still on the ground.  It is a tradition for many parks to sign the final piece of track for new coasters, and this one even has some witty sayings on it!

Naturally since I wasn't at the event it was a good morning to be keeping tabs on the park's construction webcam, which allowed me to grab these before & after looks at the instillation.  The final piece connected the coaster's main ride track with the brake run.  The park had plenty of media out for the placing of the final piece, so they actually practiced putting it in place, then taking it back down.

© Carowinds
Here is one more photo from the park showing the final piece going into place, connecting the 6,602 feet of track.  Carowinds has also uploaded a fun time lapse video of the final piece of track being put into place, check that out here.  Congratulations to the park for completing the ride's layout - now we get to look forward to testing!

Carowinds has also started to share details of an all new culinary event that will take place this Spring, Taste of the Carolinas.  The event will run on Saturday and Sundays April 18th through May 17th.  The event will celebrate both the food and beverages of the different regions of the Carolinas, with plenty to sample, cooking demonstrations and more.   You can read about what is planned for Taste of the Carolinas here.