Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Frontier City Will Be Draining Brains in 2015

I guess at this point we could unofficially call 2015 the year of the Larson Giant Loop, as Frontier City has announced one as their 2015 addition, named Brain Drain.  Six Flags previously announced four of these rides for their parks, and even more recently Darien Lake revealed plans to build one.

Brain Drain at Frontier City will stand over 70 feet tall and feature a 24 passenger train that will make complete loops around the circular track.  The ride will last two minutes and each rider will experience at least six full inversions, both forwards and backwards.  Like the other Larson Giant Loops at one point the train will briefly stop while totally inverted - creating quite a brain rush for riders!

The new ride will be the second in a row from Larson, after the park added the Winged Warrior in 2014.  That ride was a set of the ever-popular Larson Flying Scooters.