Sunday, February 22, 2015

Laff Trakk Starting to Go Up at Hersheypark

© Hersheypark
While the fierce winter rages on in Pennsylvania, Hersheypark has moved the focus of Laff Trakk construction indoors... where it is warm and bright!  The park already completed the roller coaster's shell building, fully enclosing the structure before switching work onto the ride itself.

This past week Hersheypark took a visit to Laff Trakk's building and shared some photos of the work currently underway.  The photo above was taken from just inside the entrance, with what I assume to be the coaster's future station straight ahead.

© Hersheypark
The inside of the cavernous building is still mostly bare, with the walls painted black to help with the "glow coaster's" ambiance.  Of obvious note in this photo is the giant piece of art that has been hung on one side of the building.  Judging from the animation released during the announcement, Laff Trakk's lift hill will run along that wall, reaching its peak right by that huge LOL!

© Hersheypark
The final photo shared by the park shows off the initial pieces of track and supports that have been brought inside.  The ride itself arrived at Hersheypark a while ago, but was patiently waiting outside for the structure to be completed.  Some of the supports are being assembled on the ground before being put together like a giant puzzle.

Given that Laff Trakk's coaster hardware is basically a larger style spinning wild mouse, I would expect the ride to go up really fast.  Then comes more theming, and that's what has me interested - not sure if the park will want to give photos of that way, though.  We'll see.

More photos of the exterior of the Laff Trakk building, and off-season work at the park can be seen in this update from Keystone Thrills.  And since it has been a while, here's the announcement animation once more: