Saturday, February 28, 2015

Gardaland's 'Oblivion - The Black Hole' Warped Theming Now in Place

Gardaland's Oblivion - The Black Hole, a brand new B&M Dive Coaster has been structurally complete for weeks now, but the park has just recently been finishing up the coaster's theming.  The ride gives a NASA-type feel, representing a trip directly into a black hole with unprecedented effects.  The ride's first drop does go below ground and into a tunnel, and that's where some of the cool theming has recently been applied.

© Gardaland
Here's Oblivion - The Black Hole's first drop, with some of the warped structures over top of it.  You see, the black hole that the trains dive into is so strong that it is slowly pulling all objects around it with its gravitational force.  That means that was previously standing straight is now bending as if being sucked into the black hole.

© Gardaland
This photo shows off many of the theming elements that have been applied at this point - including a water tower, TV antennas, windmill and even the nearby shrubs.  The park promises that even more will be added including a TV station van and part of a nearby roof.  It's a pretty cool idea, and the cartoon-like effect is pretty convincing!

© Gardaland
Here's an even closer look at some of the elements, you can really see the bent over shrubs in this shot as well.

Gardaland's webcam for Oblivion - The Black Hole shows that some additional features are already in place, in fact I think we can see that news van now in place as well.  The coaster features an Immelmann, air-time hill, helix and a zero-g roll before heading back to the station.  For more information on the new coaster, which is set to open this Spring, check out Oblivion's website.