Thursday, February 19, 2015

Scott And Carol Present - A ZDT's Amusement Park Up-Date!

Our friends, the Donhausers from ZDT'S Amusement Park sent us another exciting up-date on what's going on with Flashback construction. They picked a beautiful day to take pictures, with a blue sky and light fluffy clouds.

This lot had always been a part of ZDT"s parking lot, but this is no longer the case! In response to this elimination of parking spots, 

ZDT park has been hard at work in adding even more parking to accommodate their guests! For every parking spot that was eliminated, they have added about five more spaces in preparation for the increase in guests because of their new ride!

Since there is a tall crane near by, in "Zone 3," this may be where boomerang element will be? The auger is being utilized to drill holes for some of the footers and other foundation items.

In this view of "Zone 1," it appears that the section on the left side is the outbound section leading into a curve and the inbound section will run through the open door of the building on the right side. It gives us hope for summer to see the workers wearing only long-sleeved shirts, as the outside temperature in Indiana is 2 degrees, with a wind chill of -13.


This is the ground hugging over banked turn heading into the building. The foundation work in the area around this turn, from the over end of  "Zone 1", is nearing completion. In the coming weeks this  part of the coaster's structure should be the first to start rising upwards!

Meanwhile, the park has officially fenced off the area where Switchback's train station and lift hill will be placed ("Zone 3",) and are currently working on the foundation piers for this section. This is the view from the other end with the crane (?) in the background on the left.

Thanks to the Donhausers for sending along the update, as if we were not already excited about visiting ZDT's Amusement Park and riding Flashback. We also enjoyed seeing the green grass and trees with leaves on them.