Monday, February 23, 2015

New Family Ride Spinning Into Dutch Wonderland in 2015

A new ride that the entire family can enjoy together, named the Bon Voyage Balloon Chase, will entertain visitors at Dutch Wonderland in 2015.

© Dutch Wonderland
The park announced the new addition to its attraction line up along with the above concept art, showing the colorful balloons that will hold riders.  Bon Voyage Balloon Chase will lift riders up to a maximum of 20 feet above the ground, just enough to excite some of the park's younger visitors; remember Dutch Wonderland is all about kids and families!  The balloons will rise and fall as the ride rotates clockwise, and the baskets will allow riders to spin freely by turning the center wheel.

The new ride was a gift to the park's resident Princess Brooke, given to her by Empress Emille whom she met while visiting France.  The back story for the new ride is actually very cute, you can read more of it at the park's website for Bon Voyage Balloon Chase.

This new ride in 2015 comes after a 2014 expansion that saw the addition of Exploration Island, containing the Prehistoric Path with 20 life-sized dinosaurs, along with the Dino Dig site.