Sunday, February 8, 2015

A Change of Color + Tower Complete on Six Flags Mexico's SkyScreamer

© Six Flags Mexico
At the start of February crews at Six Flags Mexico were nearly complete with the instillation of the 242 foot tall SkyScreamer tower.  Seen above at that point in time, the giant swing ride's red and silver sections were already in place - requiring a huge crane in order to get the job done.

© Six Flags Mexico
Just a few days later, SkyScreamer had reached its full height, with the final tower sections and decorative top in place.  Of note is that the top section of the tower is blue, not green as seen in the original art that Six Flags released.  The red, white, and green colors fit the Mexico flag, so I'm uncertain exactly what's behind the red, silver, and blue one that was the final scheme.  I'm sure the park has a reason and will let us all now soon enough!