Sunday, February 15, 2015

Exciting Development in Universal Orlando's Next Big Project

We've been hoping for some time now that we will get to see a brand new water park spring up at the Universal Orlando resort, especially after seeing some positive developments in recent months.  Things have been looking up for a while now, but a recent set of filings with the South Florida Water Management District have taken things to a whole new level.

The papers flat out state that Universal is working on a water park to be located South of the Cabana Bay Beach Resort, in the open triangle of land seen up top.  The site will feature a tall volcano with slides on it, which makes it sounds like a smart way to theme the park to avoid individual slide towers that are hard to have any real theme to them.

Along with these filings are a rough layout of the park, which honestly is quite confusing to look at since it's not meant to show off much other than paved surfaces.  There is one slide tower visible, however...

...and from the looks of it the park will have some Proslide attractions in its lineup.  Here we see some smaller Tornado funnels along one slide's path, and the other appears to feature two wall slide variants.  This appears to be the only stand-alone slide tower, leading to the assumption that all other slides will be in and on the giant volcano.

I can't wait until the big reveal for this project, there's so much potential in what we've seen planned so far!  For more thoughts on the projects and links to the filed documents, head over to Orlando Informer.