Monday, February 16, 2015

Conneaut Lake Park's New Website + Latest News

© Conneaut Lake Park
It looks like Conneaut Lake Park will be opening in 2015, despite taking several hard hits in the latest round of financial woes.

The historic amusement park has launched an all new website at, differentiating itself from the old domain.  The old website is now only redirecting visitors to the new one, which I would assume was created by The Trustees of Conneaut Lake Park.  This group represent the latest leaders of the property, who filed for bankruptcy back in December to avoid an upcoming sheriff's sale.

The operating season for 2015 shows that the park will open be open Friday through Sunday, noon until ten on Friday and Saturday and noon until eight on Sundays.  Hopefully the reduced operations have a positive financial impact.  The attractions page highlight existing rides like the Blue Streak, Tumble Bug, Devil's Den, Flying Scooters and this:

The Tempest.  Which appears to be a pretty hilarious placeholder until they can get a photo up of the ride.  At least the operators have a good sense of humor!

That's a great vibe to have - considering the trouble the park has seen in recent years.  The park owes nearly $1 million in back taxes, which is currently being sorted out in bankruptcy court.  The case just made news again as the judge considered where the insurance proceeds from last year's Beach Club fire would go.

Despite the ongoing financial issues, it's great to see that people will still be able to visit the park this Summer and take a ride on the Blue Streak, walk along the lake, or play a game on the midway!