Monday, February 2, 2015

Baron 1898 Vertical Construction Now Underway

One aspect of Baron 1898 at Efteling that I love is the very unique lift supports that it will use.  The B&M dive coaster will not utilize the company's standard supports, instead it will have a highly themed structure reminiscent of something found in mining operations.  Not many B&M coasters have really unique supports like this, especially just for the sake of theming.  But that's Efteling's way, and I love it.

I admit that after the initial concept art was released (above), I wondered if the actual ride would use these unique supports, and I'm happy to say that the will indeed.  The park has just started to put the main support tower in place, and it's just as gorgeous in real life as in this art.  Check out some fresh new photos at this link.

Efteling has also released a new video in their making-of series, embedded here.  This one gives a look at the ride's construction along with the park's visit to experience Krake at Heide Park.  Of note is that the tunnel that is after Baron's first drop is a bit deeper than I expected!  I will be interested to see if they released a final drop length, since it should be significantly larger than the lift height.

It seems that the park will continue to focus on building the rest of the ride's layout - so soon we will finally know what other elements the coaster will have!