Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Fury 325's Impressive Night Look + First Rider Auction

© Mike Fehnel
Carowinds' General Manager has taken to Twitter once more to show off the latest Fury 325 developments, and this time around we've been able to see the giga coaster's impressive lighting scheme.

The entire lift hill is aglow with green LEDs, making the already hard-to-miss coaster stand out even more.

© Mike Fehnel
The lights do not stop there, however, as they are also found in the station area as well.  The honeycomb shape is carried on throughout the queue and station, from the shade covers to the air-gates.  Here we see more LEDs in the honeycomb shape serving as a grand entrance back into the station at the end of the ride.

© Mike Fehnel
This last photo shows the ride from a distance, glowing green from all the lights.  Looks fantastic!  Check out more photos as you scroll down via this link.

Carowinds has also announced details of the Fury 325 first rider auction, which will benefit the Cam Newtown Foundation and is planned to take place on March 25th.  Seats on the first three trains will be auctioned off, with 100% of the proceeds being donated.  There's already a great deal of bids in place, and the auction will close at the end of the day on March 15th.  Great fun for a great cause!