Thursday, February 12, 2015

Darien Lake Announces Two New Attractions in 2015

New York's Darien Lake has announced their 2015 capital plans, which include a new attraction for both their amusement and water park.  The additions are being marketed as high-thrill rides, perfect for adventure seeking guests.

New in Splashtown, Darien Lake's water park, is Brain Drain - a pair of twisting high speed body slides.

Created by Proslide, the attraction starts 70 feet above the ground where riders enter a floor-dropping capsule.  The two capsules will be released simultaneously, sending both riders through the 333 foot long slide. 

Sliders will hit speeds of 38 feet per second as they descend, and the path will include a horizontal loop before the ten second ride ends in a splashdown.

The new slide tower will be built in an undeveloped area between the Swirl City slides and the Tornado.

The second new ride announced today is Rolling Thunder, the Larson Super Loop that we recently saw Darien Lake filing permission to build.

The new ride stands 70 feet tall and uses a 24 passenger train to loop riders upside down several times during the experience.  The seats face each other so that passengers are able to see the fear in their fellow rider's faces as they loop.

The train that circles around the loop structure actually travels both forwards and backwards, so riders experience the inversions both ways.  An added thrill takes place when the train momentarily stops at the very top of the loop, with riders totally upside down.  The park notes that Rolling Thunder will provide at least six complete loops during the ride.

Rolling Thunder will be located in the center of Darien Lake, where the UFO ride previously was.  The two new attractions represent a multi-million dollar investment of the park, who appears to also have their previous General Manager once more, who has come back from Elitch Gardens.