Sunday, February 15, 2015

Lagoon's Cannibal Nearly Complete in New Aerial Photograph

© Lagoon
A lot of parks got into the Valentine's Day spirit by posting various coaster elements aligned to make a heart.  Lagoon, however, went straight for every coaster fan's heart simply by releasing the above image!

What an impressive looking coaster!  I know I've said that before... but honestly something of this size with so many unique features hasn't come along in a while, so I'm quite enamored - I admit it.

The track for Cannibal is nearly complete, with half of the ride's 4th inversion, a heartline roll, almost complete.  The image makes it look like the heartline roll takes place just after the dive loop behind the lift tower; that's actually just the angle and in the photo the track after the dive loop dives down and then into the inverted top hat element.  The trains will hit the heartline after the mid course brakes, which take place behind the tower, and the track connecting that brake run to the heartline is all that's left to go in!  This also gives us a clean look at the twisted portion of ride that will lead into the final brakes, including the still-covered theming that's being applied.  Looking forward to the finished product on that, as well.