Thursday, February 5, 2015

Kings Dominion Rebrands Water Park + Name the New Slide Tower

It was rumored last July that Kings Dominion would be renaming their water park from Water Works to Soak City, like many of the other Cedar Fair parks.  They even did a bit of a sneak preview of the logo for a brief time in that month, but then removed the image.

When the water park expansion was announced in August, however, the name transformation was no where to be found.  Granted some exciting new attractions would be coming to the park but no name change.

I guess they finally made a firm decision, and Kings Dominion's water park will be named Soak City, after all!  The park put out a press release today reiterating the fun additions planned, and also announcing the name change, a new entrance to the water park, and a full theme and landscaping makeover.

As part of the re-naming fun, park fans are being asked to help name Soak City's new 65 foot tall slide tower.  The tower will contain three separate slide types, a total of six slides in all.  The first choice...

Is Hurricane Heights, which is fitting since the new tower is a pretty tall addition to the park.  The second choice...

Is Tsunami Summit.  This one also sounds pretty nice for a slide tower, especially since there's so many options as far as slide choices go!

Readers are able to vote for their favorite name, and the name/logo with the most votes will be the permanent name of the attraction.  You can vote for your favorite at this link through Monday, February 9th.