Saturday, February 7, 2015

Trains Arrive for Twisted Colossus + Scream! Gets a New Look

© Six Flags Magic Mountain
While track instillation continues on Twisted Colossus at Six Flags Magic Mountain, the theme park recently received an exciting delivery - the front section of one of the new coaster's trains.   The park quickly released a photo of the new train on site, showing off the impressive and colorful theming details that have been applied.  The front plate is especially interesting, almost bearing a medieval look, though the sides reflect the steam punk theme well.  This same train was first revealed at this past year's IAAPA convention, but it's great to see it at its new home!

For recent photos of the track instillation progressing, check out this gallery from Our Mountain.  Track has finally reached the top of the coaster's second hill.

© Six Flags Magic Mountain
Located adjacent to Twisted Colossus, Scream! - a 2003 B&M floorless coaster - is receiving a bright new look.  The ride's track is being painted a bright blue, with the supports an equally bright orange.  This bold new look will be appreciated by most fans of the park, who were never big cheerleaders for the ride's old look.