Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Evidence of New Universal Orlando Water Park Growing

Soon home to a new waterpark?
The theory that Universal Orlando will soon begin construction on a brand new water park continues to gain credibility, especially with recent construction filings.  The resort has submitted paperwork with the Florida Department of Environmental Protection that reveal that construction will soon be taking place on the remaining open land directly East of Turkey Lake Road.

This land is just South of the recently opened Cabana Bay Beach Resort, which is not featured in the above aerial of the area.

The new resort is seen in this more recent photo, showing off the triangular shaped plot of land rumored to become the water park's location.  The filings show that the construction will encompass 53 acres of land, more than enough for your typical water park.  The work will progress for two years, ending in late November, 2016.  That's a strange time to open a water park, so one would guess the final test and adjust would take place in the subsequent winter months.  So that makes an early-Spring 2017 opening a good bet.

We recently took a look at the rumored plot of land and compared some existing Florida water parks to it, make sure to check out that post here.


Tommy said...

I did read someplace (dont remember where) that said Universal is also planning another resort. Sadly I dont think that this is a water park and have a feeling that it is the future site of a 4th resort. After all, Universal techinicaly owns Wet and wild around the block. Hope I am wrong though.