Monday, August 1, 2011

Carowinds' Property Expands & 2012 News

After recently purchasing some land next to Dorney Park, Cedar Fair has once again expanded their portfolio by snatching up 61 acres adjacent to Carowinds, to be used for future growth and expansion of the property.

I'm not quite sure exactly what land was purchased, as you can see there is a decent amount of open space surrounding the park.  The long rectangular area in the top of the photo looks like a prime suspect, though.

Cedar Fair isn't saying what they have planned, but I would think some form of new overnight accommodations would be in the plan.  The park already has a campground, some perhaps a traditional hotel or even one with an indoor water park.  I'm still not sure Cedar Fair wants to build more of those, Castaway Bay at Cedar Point never seemed like much of a hit.

In other Carowinds news, the park has started to tease a bit about their announcement for 2012, which will be August 24th according to rumors.  The park has added a flight-themed image to their home page, along with a QRC.