Sunday, August 28, 2011

Europa's First GCI Bents Going Up

© Great Coasters International

Well that didn't take long at all!  Not long after finding out more about the layout of Europa Park's new GCI Wooden Coaster, the ride has gone vertical!  And what a sweet spot to begin with - the track that is in the tunnel at the base of the first drop.

Great Coasters has been sharing some new photos of the ride's work, which can be seen at this link.  Also check out this video, which shows more of the ride's animation and interviews Clair Hain, Jr.


J said...

I didn't like Europa Park much when I went, but these regular major investments are rather exciting. Definitely need to give this place another chance. GCI seem to be a very hit and miss company, with some rides I really enjoyed and others I did not.