Saturday, August 27, 2011

Weekly Rewind 8.27.11

The birds are back at the Magic Kingdom - old school style.  The Enchanted Tiki Room has reopened after a refurbishment that returns the show to its origins, no longer "under new management."

Legoland California has announced the addition of a three story, 250 room hotel set to open adjacent to the park's main gates in 2013.  The hotel will feature themed rooms that are designed for families, a pool area and restaurant.

Some good news for the potential reopening of Kentucky Kingdom - a private investor has offered to back up to $20 million in loans needed to get the park reopened.  If the plan sticks, the park could reopen next Spring with only minor expansions in place.

With each new piece of track added to the new B&M Inverted ride going into Parc Asterix, the ride looks better and better.  Check out the latest update of the just about completed ride.

Universal Studios Singapore is planning on opening Transformers: The Ride in December of this year.  A new mini-site for the ride has been launched.

The expansion of Coney Island will continue next year, according to this report.  CAI is planning on developing more of the site, possibly including water rides, go-karts, and even another Ferris wheel. 

Details on rides and attractions opening at Shanghai Disneyland are still scarce, but the company has released some news on the park's signature castle - the biggest of any Disney park.

Six Flags Magic Mountain released a pretty mysterious hint about the park's next big addition at the end of this video.  Not sure what it is, but they point to the top of Superman - must be something tall!

Now that we are post-Skyrush announcement the hype has calmed down, but the work at Hersheypark rages on.  Check out the latest update, with more footers completed and some nice yellow track that has arrived.