Thursday, August 11, 2011

Dollywood 2012 Update & It's Vacation Time!

We certainly haven't forgotten about Dollywood's 2012 project, but there haven't been too many developments lately to cover.  Today, however, we have an updated Dollywood 2012 website, which now features a countdown to the ride's announcement.

But there's also a bird egg of some kind sitting high over the mountains, shaking occasionally, almost ready to hatch - probably not a coincidence that it's there!

Speaking of the park - I'm finally off on my larger trip of the Summer!  As fate would have it, Dollywood is the first of a few parks we're hitting on the trip, so perhaps I'll see that bird egg for myself.  This trip is a bit lengthy, but you can follow some of my adventures on the NewsPlusNotes Twitter page.  Don't worry, the other NPN authors will keep everyone company while I'm away!


Zack Back said...

Maybe the Egg is a Eagle egg????Afterall, the eagle mountain sanctuary is VERY close to the ride site!