Thursday, August 4, 2011

Think Pink, Make A Difference And A Splash At Kings Island

On Sunday July 31st we were part of the Largest Human Awareness Ribbon record breaking attempt, that's us in the pink shirts. It was hot, sticky and humid... but compared the battles so many have had with cancer, this day was just a walk in the park. Or rather a walk out to the parking lot.

One website stated that over 7,000 people had preregistered to be part of the attempt. But, as we sat in the sauna the park refers to as the Timberwolf Amphitheater even the untrained eye could tell no where near that many people were sweating it out.

Some "talent" from local radio, television and the band scene provided entertainment while we cooked, waited for the time to pass and hopefully more people to show up. Every so often we were asked to text friends in the park and tell them to come join in the fun.

In the end our group of Cancer supporters was not large enough to break the Guinness World Record, but the 2700 people, representing 13 states, could take pride in the role they had played in raising the almost $68,000.00 contributed to Kings Island for the Cure. For those of you would like to contribute you still can, by purchasing a Snoopy and tossing it into Kings Island's Royal Fountain. The Snoopys can even be purchased online and the park with toss him in the fountain for you.

On August 21st, one lucky Snoopy will be randomly selected and the owner of that Snoopy will become the owner of a brand new 2012 Ford Mustang Convertible, courtesy of Cincinnati Bell's new 4G network.