Sunday, July 31, 2011

A Vicarious Visit to Silverwood Theme Park - Part 2

Last time we left off having just checked out the park's Country Carnival area, but there are a couple more rides to see before we head on.  New this year are a duo of children's attractions, both provided by S&S Worldwide.  The Butterflyer is a new swing style ride, and the other new attraction is a classic Frog Hopper - recently given a new look and some upgrades by the manufacturer.

The next section of the park is more recently developed, and is known as Roller Coaster Alley for good reason.  The park's two wooden rides sit across from each other, with a winding midway going between them.  There's also a more recently coaster addition to the area, but we'll get there in a bit.

While the Corkscrew had put the park on the map for coaster lovers, they really grabbed everyone's attention in 1996 when they added the Timber Terror.  Designed by Custom Coasters International, the ride stands 85' tall and travels over 2,700 feet of track.  Stretching proudly along N Highway 95, it also serves as quite a billboard for the park.

The Timber Terror is an out-and-back style ride, filled with air-time hills and a speedy turnaround at the far end.  The ride is ended by a tight 360 degree helix before the train hits the brakes.

The outside world is almost shaded from inside the park by the ride, too.  This is a shot giving you an idea of the impressive visuals that "roller coaster alley" gives visitors.

While Silverwood was (deservedly) enjoying the notoriety that the Timber Terror gave them, they didn't rest on their laurels.  1999 saw the follow up to the first wooden ride when Tremors was built at the park, further grabbing the attention of ride lovers.

The ride was also provided by Custom Coasters, though its design was dramatically different than the park's first ride.  Tremors is not only a twisted ride, but it also contains 4 below grade tunnels.  It's also a bit bigger than its sister ride, standing 100 feet tall and containing 3,000 feet of track.

Tremors' twisted nature doesn't mean it lacks air-time, however, as our fearless Mom reported that she felt plenty of it.  She also patiently waited for the train to come roaring into the gift shop tunnel above - only to then find out the train exits that way!  A solid try, anyway!

In addition to building various roller coasters, Silverwood has added plenty of other rides to its lineup.  Here we see Panic Plunge, standing 140 feet tall in the middle of roller coaster alley.  Riders are lifted slowly to the top only to, well, as the name says, plunge back down.  Drop towers like these provide a quite reliable thrill.

One more part and then we'll wrap up our look at Silverwood!