Monday, August 29, 2011

How the Parks Handled Irene

Sometimes no news is good news. Hurricane Irene recently hit the Northeast over the weekend, and while many homes are still without power, many parks in the path appear to have managed to avoid the blunt of the damage.

Starting off, Six Flags Great Adventure park reps want you to rest assured that Kingda Ka was not toppled, despite rumors to the contrary. Reps posted the following picture to the park's facebook page.

Next off, Morey's Piers posted a picture to their facebook page stating that the duck is down, but not out.

Coney Island appears to have escape significant damage, which is encouraging given this picture of a weather reporter attempting to broadcast from Coney Island.

While the following list of park closings due to the storm is not exhaustive, it does seem to follow the general path of the storm.

Kings Dominion closed all day Saturday but reopened Sunday. Six Flags America closed both Saturday and Sunday. Both Rye Playland and Six Flags Great Adventure closed all day Saturday and Sunday, and remain closed today for cleanup. Dorney Park closed early Saturday and remained closed on Sunday. Hersheypark had no disruptions to its operating schedule besides an early closing Sunday night.

Here's to no major news to report about the impact of the storm on the parks!


The Coaster Critic said...

Great roundup of how Irene affected East Coast amusement parks. I live in Charlotte and it was windy, but sunny here while the coast was getting the storm.

Chris said...

Thanks, Critic! As a former Floridian, I am very impressed with how fast the northeast parks were able to clean up any debris. I guess when you're used to being slammed by snow and ice, you learn to take the weather seriously and make the necesary precautions before it hits!