Thursday, August 4, 2011

NPN July 2011 Poll Results

While it doesn't happen much anymore, it was always quite the big to-do when a new coaster opened that broke the record for having the most inversions.  If turning upside-down is your type of thing, than the July 2011 NewsPlusNotes Poll was right up your alley.  This past month, we queried our readers for their favorite of the inversion record breakers.

© Kings Island

Of all the choices, your resounding favorite was Vortex, at Kings Island.  The coaster opened in 1987 and features 6 inversions, breaking previous 5 inversion record.  Two vertical loops, a double corkscrew, and a batwing leave riders wondering which way the sky is during a spin on Vortex.

The 2nd place finisher, though it was by no means a close race, was Dragon Khan at Spain's Port Aventura theme park.  The monster of a B&M flips riders a total of 8 times, and like many B&M rides it is an exceedingly 'pretty' ride.

Cedar Point fans rejoice - the park's Corkscrew landed in third place.  What better way to celebrate the Nation's birthday than with three inversions?

Check out the full results for the rest of the finishers.  This month's poll is now active over on the left - with Summer winding down now is a great time to see who will rise to the top of the class of 2011 coasters, no?