Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Scott And Carol Present LeSourdsville Lake's Screechin' Eagle - Another One Bites The Dust

Without any advanced public notice on Tuesday August 9th the Screechin’ Eagle at the LeSourdsville Lake/Americana amusement park was torn down. The ride had been SBNO (standing but not operating) since the end of the park's 2002 season.

Back in the park's heyday the Screechin' Eagle was one of the most popular attractions, but in the 21st century the ride wasn't enough to revitalize LeSourdsville Lake.

The 2640' long coaster was one of the 133 coasters built by John Miller. Sadly, with Screechin' Eagle's demise only 8 Miller coasters remain standing worldwide.

Many attempts were made to preserve the Eagle, but with the cost of moving the ride and bringing it up to modern standards, it would have been cheaper just to take it down and build a new one

So, why are lingering in limbo for 8 years did present owner Jerry Couch decide to "tear it down?" He stated he had safety concerns about the coaster remaining standing. And the fact that people kept breaking in the park had him worried about something terrible happening to someone.

Couch donated the track and the cars to the National Roller Coaster Museum & Archives based in Arlington, Texas so at least a little bit of the Screechin' Eagle was preserved.