Tuesday, August 9, 2011

New Italian Maurer Sohne 'Shock' Coaster

I hadn't realized that Rainbow Magicland, a new theme park in Italy, had opened.  One of, if not, the park's main attractions is a Maurer launched X-Car coaster named Shock.  The ride launches trains up a huge air-time hill at 62 miles per hour, but honestly that wasn't what got my attention.

The coaster is just... quirky?  That's the best word, I think.  For starters, make sure to check out the crazy little section of track between the station and launch, it's like the guys at GCI designed it.  After the big hill is a non-inverting loop, which is just taken at a great speed.  But the turn after that - well it almost seemed like the film was sped up for that, but it wasn't.

Quirky, yes, but I'd still love a ride!