Friday, August 5, 2011

Freestyle Music Park - A New Lease On Life?

Will the third time be the charm?  FPI US LLC, the company that foreclosed on Freestyle Music Park in 2009 has purchased the park once again at auction, and again plans to try to reopen it - possibly as soon as next year.

The park opened in 2008 as Hard Rock Park, and was renamed Freestyle Music Park the following season.  Attendance troubles plagued the park and it closed for good later in 2009.

FPI US LLC is looking for a partner to operate the park, or someone who would purchase it on their own.  No timetable has been set on a potential reopening, but it sounds like there are a lot of issues to resolve before that could happen.  We'll see.


Surya said...

This thing is such a soap opera it's not even funny any more.

But they just "bought" a $400m park for $7m. Even if they only sell off the B&M and Premier coasters they have, they'll probably break even.