Monday, August 22, 2011

Deja Vu Heading To Six Flags New England

The new era of the Six Flags ride rotation program is starting to look more true than ever.  Previously we found out that Great America's Iron Wolf is probably moving, and now it is all but confirmed that Magic Mountain's Deja Vu coaster is heading to Six Flags New England.  The L.A. Times reports that the coaster will close at Magic Mountain in October.

The ride will replace the park's Shipwreck Falls shoot-the-chutes attraction.  On my visit last year I pointed out that the park's shoot-the-chutes was one of the prettiest at any park I've seen, but pretty does not hold back the development of a theme park!  The coaster will stand about 190 feet tall, which will add quite a visual presence to the Crack Axle Canyon section of the park.

Unless the park removes Flashback, a traditional Boomerang coaster (which does not seem likely), the new ride will stand just next to it, seen above.  That'll be an interesting combo to have at one park, like a beginner and advanced version of the rides!

Six Flags New England plans to make their full announcement on September 1st, along with several other Six Flags parks.  Sounds like a day to look forward to.