Monday, August 22, 2011

Six Flags Parks Teasing 2012 Additions

Much like they did last year with the expansion of their water park, Six Flags Great America is once again using puzzle pieces to drive us all crazy before their September 1st announcement.  The park has the puzzle up on their Facebook page, and will reveal the park's 2012 addition a piece at a time.

Many fans have high hopes for Great America's addition next year, as it is rumored to possibly be a big one.  With Iron Wolf being removed, and the clearing of the remnants of the park's former shoot-the-chutes starting, there's more places in the park for something large to go.

More browsing of Six Flags pages will lead you to Six Flags Discovery Kingdom, which is adding something larger than a breadbox, but smaller than Rhode Island for 2012.  Really!  That's what they say, anyway.  They also mention "over-the-top, upside-down, screaming excitement" from whatever it is!

More September 1st announcements to look forward to!