Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Aqua Supports Add To The Canada's Wonderland 2012 Mystery

While it is no secret that Canada's Wonderland is working on a large new project for 2012, and that an announcement will take place in 8 days, not much as been said about exactly what the ride will be.

We now know that it will feature aqua colored supports, at least in the station/transfer area.  CWMania has a new gallery of shots of ride parts that have shown up at the park.

Things now get really interesting due to the fact that the parts have the same style of shipping labels on them seen on pretty much every B&M coaster fabricated in the U.S. in the past decade, or so.  Previously many expected this to be an Intamin ride, but unless the Ohio plant is now making track and supports for other manufacturers, it doesn't seem so.

The B&M connection also goes against the photo of the on-site rebar that had "giga" on it - unless that was placed intentionally to mix things up?  Either way, you can color me both confused and excited for this announcement!

On a final note - Canada's Wonderland has changed the teaser on their main page... now we have some claw marks and shifty eyes staring at us... and it's coming for us!  By all means, come and get me now!