Friday, August 5, 2011

Iron Wolf Howls Away From Six Flags Great America

© Six Flags Great America

"After a long 21 year history at the park, we will be removing Iron Wolf."  And with that statement from the park, all the rumors became true - the stand-up coaster will be leaving Six Flags Great America - but where will it end up?

Rumors have named one park in particular to be the recipient of B&M's first coaster, but nothing has been confirmed quite yet.  Upon announcing the American Eagle running one train backwards, Six Flags Great America hinted that a much bigger announcement for the park would take place this fall.  Exactly how big, I wonder?

Perhaps the most interesting part of rides like this one possibly bouncing around could be the return of the Six Flags ride rotation program.  Of course rides here and there have been moved, but it has been some time since the full fledged program was in place.  (see this awesome chart to understand how many rides were involved)  Could this off-season be the start of a second era of moving rides around?