Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Leviathan Construction Update

Since Canada's Wonderland has announced Leviathan, the first ever B&M Giga coaster, the community has been buzzing about the ride.

One thing in particular that was of interest to me was that B&M did not include a mid-course block brake section, instead choosing to move it to the end of the ride.

That does make the ride look just a tad awkward with the super long brake run - but for the ride to have no interruptions to its extremely fast course will be awesome.  The pacing of the ride looks like it really won't let up until it does hit those final brakes!

As far as the construction that is taking place at the park, CWMania has some new photos of the massive, like really massive, support pieces that are showing up.  They look like they are for the lift hill, seen in the concept photo above.  The photos were taken in really good light, which also lets us clearly see the difference between track and support color.

I think my passport expired last year - fixing that is now on this winter's to-do list!