Thursday, August 18, 2011

A Blast From The Past - Beech Bend's Kentucky Rumbler Pt 3

On May 6th 2006 Beech Bend Amusement celebrated the grand opening of the Kentucky Rumbler. Members of various roller coaster clubs and local VIPs were treated to fantastic weather and an even more fantastic coaster to ride.

After a short ceremony and the ribbon cutting, riders were more than ready to ride the Rumbler! The first GCI Red Millennium Flyer rolled out of the station, curved to the right and then dipped slightly as the chain lift engaged. The lift hill goes back over the top of the station and as the train climbs riders are treated to a great view of the Beech Bend Drag Strip and a great deal of the amusement park.

The Rumbler's first drop was inspired by the Rye Playland Aeroplane, it begins with a turn to the right and thanks to the negative G-forces, the drop gives a nice little tummy tickle

From that point on the Rumbler speeds smoothly along over the rest of it's 2,827 feet, crossing over it's self thirty times, flying by the station three times, providing twelve minutes of airtime and completes the course with high speed finish.

While those are impressive stats, even more impressive is the pacing of the ride, how well placed those twelve minutes of airtime are and how much "umph" they provide for the rider.

The thirty crossovers can make for a very disorienting ride, keeping riders guessing as to what's up next. And the train navigates very smoothly through all of those transitions.

Kentucky Rumbler seems to be going pedal to the metal throughout it's course and while most roller coasters tend to slow near the end, the Rumbler doesn't. The last leg of track sloped downward slightly which provides the speed for the grand finale.

As someone who saw the Kentucky Rumbler in various stages of it's construction I must say the ride is stunning. In fact it is as pleasurable to look at, as it is to ride. It is also not difficult to notice that the Kentucky Rumbler appeals to a wide audience, it offers family fun and still has enough thrill for the enthusiast crowd. And, it's not unusual to see people hop of the ride, walk quickly down the exit ramp, through the gift shop and head right back into line for another ride.

Happy Fifth Anniversary Kentucky Rumbler and congratulations to the entire Beech Bend family on the success of this wonderful addition to the park.Topsy-turvy, ride the Kentucky Rumbler! Ride, ride, ride, topsy-turvy, ride the Kentucky Rumbler!