Monday, August 1, 2011

Thorpe Park 2012 - The Swarm

A swarm of what exactly I'm not sure, but whatever it is it looks to be invading the U.K.'s Thorpe Park next year, and bringing a whole lotta mess with it.

The park has released the name - The Swarm - and a key visual of the ride, which we reported on earlier this year when planning documents showed off much of the planned goods.  The Swarm will be a B&M Wing Rider coaster, similar to the one that opened this year at Gardaland, which was named Raptor.  While the trains will be the same, the ride layout and elements will be unique.

The ride itself will seat riders out over the edge of the track - leaving nothing below them but the ground.  The first drop will start at 127 feet in the air, only to fully invert you then drop into a half loop.  It should be a pretty wild experience.

Thorpe Park has set up a website for the coaster, which currently features a video, the above art, and not much else.  I'm sure plenty more is in the works.