Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Carowinds 2012: Windseeker

Carowinds has announced that 2012 will see the addition of Windseeker, a 301' spinning ride, to the Carolina RFD section of the theme park.  The ride will be the same as those that debuted at several Cedar Fair parks this year.

The new thrill ride will be a $6.5 million investment for Carowinds. 64 passengers sitting in pairs of two will be taken up the tower, which will then spin around at a cool 30 miles per hour while the cars swing outward.  Windseeker will also feature the LED light package we've seen on the other rides, which is sure to add to the park experience at night.

Interestingly, it does not look like the ride will go in the empty plot of land next to Intimidator that many of us assumed it would.  Instead, judging from the animation, it looks to take up a part of the lagoon next to Nighthawk, in this general area:

I could be wrong on that, of course, but that's how the animation makes it look.  That means that there's still a nice open area for future development!

Windseeker has a planned opening of Spring 2012 at Carowinds.