Sunday, April 13, 2008

Worlds of Fun Stick Photos

Worlds of Fun opened for the 2008 season yesterday, and apparently they had horrible weather (it was very very cold) but a poster over on the Coaster Community forums took a spin on the park's train ride to see all the markers that have appears for the park's 2009 ride.

The markers cover a very large area. That does not mean that the ride will cover the exact same area, but it does leave me thinking a larger, not a smaller, coaster will show up in '09. The debate between a GCI wooden ride and ... something else rages on, meanwhile.

A park representative said that during World of Fun's coaster enthusiast event, Coaster Mayhem, the park should be ready to have a special announcement that will please the enthusiasts. The event is in mid-August so it looks like we will find out by then.