Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Busch Entertainment is Green

© Orlando Sentinel / Stephen M Dowell 2008

This article is a great follow up to my Earth Day post. It's about the actions that Busch Entertainment Company is taking in its Theme Parks to be more 'green.' Seen above, several of the company's parks are using disposable plates, silverware, and napkins that are made from organic natural materials so they are fully biodegradable.

The items break down in a matter of months, instead of hundreds of years that typical disposable food items take.

Busch says this is just the start of their plans to be more green, and that more bio-friendly developments will take place in the coming years.

Also of note is that the volume of items used in the parks has actually allowed Busch to negotiate with suppliers for products, meaning that overall costs are lessened. The point of that is - all it took was one big company to make a decision and they were able to use their size to make a change!

What a great idea - good job Busch!